Leoch motive power battery

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Motive Power

Leoch motive power batteries are mainly used in electric bicycles, electric tricycles, low-speed electric cars, golf carts and sightseeing carts. The products are mainly supplied to the mainstream manufacturers in the industry. Leoch has the world’s most advanced production equipment and power battery technology research and development equipment. The standardized production process and process-oriented production system cover 26 key processes, over 100 quality inspection standards and procedures, and more than 10,000 self-discharge tests, each process can meet the requirements of electric vehicle industry specifications and battery production management specifications.



    吉林11选5五码遗漏 www.nalzfb.com.cn 1.Starting current is large, can be ignition starting instantly. 2.Wiith good low temperature adaptability, can be used in a broad range between -20 to 55 degrees. 3.Good appearance and modelling: light weight, good Anti-Vibration performance,tank and lid are made of high quality plastic, made the butt way between the polar,group vibration resistance are in line with the standard of ship inspection requirements. 4.Higher gravimetric specific energy and volumetric specific energy, can provide better service to customers. 5.Excellent reliability and reserve capacity, can ensure users at ease 6.Using excellent electrolytic lead with very low impurity content, very low self-discharge rate, excellent storage performance with long storage tim